Clear aligners covering a lower arch of teeth


Crooked teeth can make you self-conscious about your smile. They can also have a significant impact on your oral health.

If you want a straighter smile, but don't want to wear metal braces, Invisalign is an effective and virtually invisible alternative.

Learn how Reiner Family Dental in Vero Beach, FL, can help you straighten your smile with a customized Invisalign treatment plan...

Clear aligners covering a lower arch of teeth

Invisalign Offers a Number of Advantages over Traditional Braces

Remarkably Discreet

The clear aligner trays of Invisalign blend in seamlessly with your smile. Even your close friends and family may not be able to tell you are undergoing orthodontic treatment.

Improved Comfort

The metal brackets and wires of braces can irritate the delicate tissue inside your mouth, but Invisalign's aligner trays have smooth edges for a comfortable fit.

Maintain Hygiene

Invisalign aligner trays are removable, allowing you to brush and floss normally to maintain proper oral hygiene. Unlike the experience of wearing traditional braces, you can maintain stellar dental health without any specialized tools or techniques.

Can I Afford Invisalign?

Yes, you can! 

Fortunately, many dental insurance plans contribute to at least a portion of the cost of Invisalign. However, even if you are uninsured or your plan does not cover this treatment, Dr. Bradley Reiner wants to make this solution accessible. His practice works with CareCredit®, a third-party lender that offers low-interest and interest-free payment plans to help make this and other treatments a comfortable fit for your budget. 

During a visit to our Vero Beach practice, serving Fort Pierce and Palm Bay, our staff will be glad to help you apply for financing.

Dr. Bradley Reiner, DMD
Dr. Bradley Reiner, DMD

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Amy Wolf

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Always a great experience at this dentist. We love Dr Reiner and his staff. Very friendly, organized and helpful. Mindful of patients who might be anxious.

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Allison Hill

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Love, love Dr Reiner! He is so gentle and patient. I’m dentist shy so it’s nice that he can put me at ease and get me thru any dental work comfortably.

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Invisalign Treatment Timeline

Treatment Can Take 12 to 18 Months


Your entire journey begins at our Vero Beach, FL, practice, with no need for a referral to an orthodontist. Dr. Reiner will evaluate your candidacy. If you qualify, he will take impressions of your smile, and send the information to an Align Technology laboratory.
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Technicians will create your customized treatment plan, which will include step-by-step information about how each aligner will change your smile in the coming months.
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It takes two to four weeks for your custom aligner trays to be fabricated. Dr. Reiner will ensure that your aligners fit comfortably over your teeth.

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Begin Treatment

You will start treatment once we receive your aligners. They will need to be worn for 20 to 22 hours each day. You will switch to the next tray in the series about every two weeks.
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To monitor your progress and ensure you are wearing your aligners as instructed, we will ask you to visit our Vero Beach, FL, office about once every six weeks.
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Final Results

It usually takes 12 to 18 months to achieve the desired results. Once you have achieved a straighter smile, you can maintain your results by continuing to wear your last set of aligners as a retainer, or by wearing a custom retainer.
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